Sunday, October 16, 2011

the puppies are here!!

Well after the unexpected (finding out DJ was pregnant) and now expecting it they have arrived! This may be gruesome- fair warning.
By about 10pm DJ was in full swing of "stage 1". I knew she was in labour by the amount of accidents she was having in the house.( they empty their stomachs before labour) also i could see the contractions, her stomach would shrink and stretch. She also wasn't eating and was moving so s.l.o.w.
So stage one is lots of panting and shaking, prepares the body for labor, think of it as when we have 10 hours of contractions. this started at 10pm till 4 am. I stayed up with her most of the night and rubbed her back. She seemed to love having me there. she whined if nobody was close. By 4 it didn't seem to be getting any closer so i set my alarm for 5 am to come back and check on her. as soon as i laid down, i heard little whines. she had puppy #1 and i missed it!

Once they bite the sac and clean them ( lick them off ) they bite the umbilical cord. its so fascinating how without their eyes open or being able to hear anything they go straight to the mom to feed. I may have been slightly jealous, levi and I don't have a good track record when it comes to breast feeding.
Enter puppy 2, after 15 mins from #1 being born.

She had 5 by 6am and surprised us with #6 an hour later. She did amazing! Dave and I absolutely love her and I know it seems crazy to everyone else but we feel so proud of her and its going to be very hard to give away these puppies, we're pretty tempted to keep one. Its truly an amazing experience.
                               2 look like beagles and 4 look like puggles & 4 males and 2 females.
Here's the nick names so far ( according to me ): Bronx, Kingston, Maddox, Pippa, Jagger, Apple.

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