Sunday, March 18, 2012

patience iago & bapple

i say this to levi all the time.
now im saying it to myself.
i have NO patience these last few weeks!

Hopefully in less then 2 weeks we will know what were doing this summer, next year,and the year after etc.. Dave has passed almost everything with LRPS, we aren't too sure if we will have another house visit like we did last year!  Ive done pretty good about trying not to constantly think about it, but this weekend is killing me! so say a little prayer for us and a little prayer for me to get some patience, please.

as for bapple?
thats levi saying apple.
he's getting so old, i was cutting up his apples for so long that i never thought not too.
until the other day he just grabbed one and started eating it. guess he's that old he can just eat a bapple all by himself. the kid cracks me up, he knew he was  funny by saying bapple over and over!

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