Monday, May 21, 2012


I think very few people would actually understand what our last year was like, as far as Dave's working schedule. Dave worked every weekend for a year, he booked a weekend off at Christmas and that was about it. He usually worked 12-13 days out of every 14 day pay period. Our lives were unpredictable and we could never schedule anything. I was going crazy from this, we've been down to one vehicle for the last 5 months so I was housebound and husbandless a.l.o.t!
 BUT as of 2 weeks ago Dave got a supervisor position with Palladin, having explained what the last year was like you may understand why I'm ecstatic about this. He now works 4 days on 4 OFF. I now have something to look forward too. The 4 days on are crazy. Its 7am-7pm for 2 days and then 2 days of 7pm-7am. So Levi doesn't see him much and its hard for him but those 4 days off we just gobble dave up. We just hog him and don't wanna share him with anyone, sorry folks! I haven't had something to "look forward too" with his old position because we never knew when he'd have a day off. It made things seem unbearable at times. Now I know I get through 4 crazy days and then we have 4 glorious days together. 
These 4 days off we got busy and did alot to our house, we're not finished but that's what next weekends for. We have never painted anything on our house, its scared me to make such a permanent change. But it all started with a $30 mistint of paint that I got for $4. So we knocked out the old shelving. . .

 Then we painted it a slate grey, and dave's finishing up the new cabinet to go in and they will be white.
 We organized Levi's toys and made the other half of his room a play room, so now we have hardly any toys in the living room. Hooray!
 Levi started a big boy bed, if your wondering what the lump in his bed is, its a pool noodle. It helps so he doesn't fall out of his bed, pinterest your a genius!
 I started painting the old windows we got from some good friends to use as picture frames!
 We ripped out the old metal fence to put in a new wooden one, because now we can add a gate to it! And DJ will become an outside dog!
I painted over my little chair from when I was a little girl. I love it! Just have to find some new screws to put it together.

I am absolutley loving our new schedule, I have a calender that has dave's work schedule until August. I can book things in advance, this is a wonderful thing!
(and what's a post without this kids cheesy grin)


  1. That is awesome you guys!! And I love all your projects -- great job! -Melissa

  2. You're amazing! Love all the projects!!! I never would have thought about a pool noodle... I'm going to have to try that out!