Monday, August 27, 2012


I want to document how different this pregnancy has been so far from when I was pregnant with Levi.
The hormones, oh those nasty things! They play cruel tricks on my body!

Last week Dave was spinning Levi in the office chair and we were all laughing and then I started to hysterically bawl. The ugly cry and all. Then I finally got control of myself. Dave let Levi start walking after being so dizzy and we started to laugh again. Then I started to hysterically bawl again. This happened throughout the day. It was humiliating, Dave wasn't sure whether to laugh or comfort me. I felt slightly crazy.

Ive been sick up until 12 weeks. So sick. I wasn't sick with Levi. This time its a constant nauseous, from the time I wake up till I go to bed. And sometimes in the night. The puking wasn't the worst part of it, it was that afterwards I didn't feel any better. I still felt nauseated. About week 10 I finally asked the dr to help me figure this out. He told me to take Gravol 3 hours before bed, which helped me sleep better. Then ginger capsules during the day. This helped a little bit.

I smell everything. Seriously, that lady 3 rows over in the grocery store with the terrible perfume I can smell you. I bake lots because it makes the house smell so good and hides the "north side" smell. Raw meat and microwave dinner makes me want to puke. 

 So here's to the pregnant life, 6 months to go. We cant wait to meet you baby #2!

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