Thursday, August 23, 2012

summers almost over

The nights are cooler, its getting darker early and dave has 4 days left of work before back to school. Its almost fall, Im sad to see summer leave but excited for fall.

 Excited for:

 gymnastics & swimming lessons with Levi 
 autumn leaves
 cool nights
crock pot soups
triple crown challenge (daves big hike)

But were REALLY excited for this baby coming in to our family!
 (coming march 2013)

Its already been a pregnancy full of opposites to mine with Levi. 

I was cheap an bought a couple dollar store tests first. I hate spending $15 bucks on a test for a negative. So I took both tests and got the + sign. Then I second guessed my cheap pregnancy tests and went and got an expensive one to prove it! So 3 tests later and a trip to the dr confirmed we're having another baby!

I have been very sick up until week 12, now its every so often it hits me. I crave grapes mixed in with yogurt. The smell of hamburger makes me sick.  Levi kisses my belly and says hi baby. I feel like I've already "popped".  Salty food gives me a metallic taste in my mouth. I think of baby names constantly.

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  1. Congratulations, Nysha! That's such happy news!!!