Thursday, August 9, 2012



         We're almost out of the double digits, dave only has 11 shifts left before going back to school. I can't wait for routine to set in. I have loved the 4 on 4 off this summer tho, daves actually only had to book 2 days off and the rest of our holidays we planned around his days off. I have the flu on top of everything this week. So having dave be able to help on those 4 days off is really nice. He helps get the house back in order and takes levi out to go do fun things that I haven't been capable of doing the past while.

     For those of you who don't know, Daves going back to school this fall. He's taking a bachelors (4 years) in Exercise Science and then followed by a masters degree (2 years) in Physiotherapy. Were excited for this new change in our lives and also pretty nervous doing 6 more years of school. He can do the Bachelors all here in Lethbridge but we will have to move away for the Masters degree.

So yay for fall and school almost here!

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