Saturday, September 22, 2012

I was a perfect mom before I had kids.

 I am one of those moms, I judged you before I was a mom.

Sorry for judging you:

when your hair was in a pony tail every time I saw you.

when your kids were crying and I thought why can't you just shut them up.

when your houses were messy. Your home all day how can you not possibly keep it clean?!

while your kids threw things off the cart, because when I have kids mine will never do that.

every time you called for a sitter, how could you need out already? Didn't I just watch your kids?!

every time you complain that you need a break from your kids. It can't be that hard they sleep 12 hours a day.

if your kids hit each other cause ill never have a child that hits.

that your kids are close together and you complain about always being tired.

that your clothes were wrinkly with stains on them and your in yoga pants again. 

I could go on and on . .  I was a perfect mom before I had kids.

Today I was far from perfect. I cried in walmart full hormonal, pregnant woman cry.

It all started with the massive tantrum about not wanting to be in the cart. I had 2 items to grab, ice cream and a turkey. It shouldn't take more then 15 minutes to be in and out. I could do this! Grabbed a cookie from the bakery and tantrum solved. Grabbed the turkey after a lot of debating, never had to get one before. Levi was yelling NO the whole time, I don't think he understand it was a turkey to eat not one that still gobbles and walks. Yelling NO at me, yelling NO at anyone who looked at him wrong and NO at the flippin turkey. So now Im hurrying as fast as I can to just grab the ice cream and run out that door. Get the ice cream and start heading to the check out. A senior lady stops me to talk to Levi, if you know Levi he doesn't like strangers looking at him or talking to him if he's not in the mood. So another case of the NO's comes out. But this lady prevailed, she thought she was gonna get this kid to crack. Finally I told her sorry but im in a hurry! Then I catch myself in a mirror and see my awful hair, oh well no time to fix it right now.

The lines were huge I picked what I thought would be the quickest, express checkout. Wrong, I was behind a couponer. Good for you ladies that like to do that extreme couponing but to me you drive me nuts. That 25cents you just saved took 3.5 minutes for the cashier to plug in to the register, congratulations! By the time I realized what I had gotten myself into, peolple were now behind me lining up. I had no escape. Levis trying to throw himself off the cart. I quickly get diego on netfli and get him distracted. Come on woman, lets sped this up! 7 mins go by, and now levis more then upset and throws my phone on the ground. As im picking it up and tucking it back into my bag. Levi throws the ice cream pail off the cart. breaking the lid and bucket, no ice cream is leaking (yet). So I just put it back on the cart. The lady is still another 6 mins after this, now the ice cream is dripping out of the whole in the bottom of the bucket. Our turn, hallejiuah! I eplain to the cashier what happend and would it be possible to get a new one? Nope he says, you break it you buy it. Ok fair enough. But come on! My kids screaming and ive been in line for bloody 15 mins.  So I asked to double bag it so at least it wont make a mess in my vehicle. Pay for everything and now im practically sprinting out of walmart while the tears are running down my face and levi crying too.

So now im at home scooping all the ice cream into one we already had. Contemplating and realizing that Im not the perfect mom I thought I was. Hair a mess, kid screaming, me crying and we left a puddle of ice cream at till 3. So moms im sorry for judging you before I realized it was so hard.

  So the ice cream I bring tomorrow to grandmas birthday dinner may taste a little funny.

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  1. I think we all end up with days like this... doesn't make it any easier to go through it though. Hopefully today will be a better day!!! Thanks again for adding us into your crazy day.