Monday, September 17, 2012

thanks grandma!

For the last 4 months I've dreaded bedtime. Levi hated his bed. He would cry at his door till he passed out or I rocked him to sleep for an hour. Then if he woke up he'd go to the door and fall asleep. It made me so sad that when I'd go to bed I'd go put him back in his bed.  By 2-4am he'd come crawl into our bed. He always asked to sleep in our bed. I love when he sleeps in our bed but at the same time I get hardly any sleep. Hes so wild in his sleep.

We tried so many things to get him to try to sleep in his bed. Nothing seemed to work. Then of course we go on a date and grandma puts him to bed and we come home to find him asleep in HIS BED!! All she had done different was leave his door open. I had never thought of that because I thought he'd just keep coming out. But no he stays in his bed! He reads books to his monkey until he falls asleep.

Its a beautiful thing. No more fighting, no more tears and no more sleeping by his door. yahoo!

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