Wednesday, October 10, 2012

2.25 yrs old

Levi seems to have learned so much since turning 2!

He talks alot and we get most of what he's saying so I need to share a few of these funny things.

-Levi saw me heading to the bathroom today and said "go potty, mom get sticker". Thanks kiddo!

- This weekend on our little adventure, the back roads we had been on had tons of cattle. So we'd have to stop often to honk and get them to move out of the way. Every time the herd of cows was gone levi would ask for more. As gross as this is we would tell him theres more poop (the road was covered) up ahead there will be more cows. So that's how levi learned to spot the cows. So today as were heading out the door to gymnastics  we saw poop on the road by our house and levi said "more cows? more poop on road." Nope bubb, no cows in bridge villa.

- When you ask levi how much he loves you, how excited he is, or how much he missed you he always answers the same. "this much." with his fingers about 2cm apart. "nooooo, this MUCH". With his arms spread out. Such a trickster!

- When we say "love ya" Levi always replies "love ya more" its my favourite thing each and every night.

Levi's learned:
 the difference between light/dark.
 the color yellow and blue
 how to sign "I love you"
 he's really good at tricking us that he has no arms (tucks them into his shirt)
 how to prolong bed time
 every part of his body
 how to give bear hugs
 the names of lots of pixar characters from his disney books
 to sing the alphabet
 to count to 10
 how to play hide and seek

        One thing I am most excited about is seeing him become a big brother. I don't think he grasps that I'm growing a baby but he does know mom has "baby murray" in her tummy. He talks about going on the bus ride with baby murray and that baby murray came to the calgary temple. He kisses my tummy and likes to say hi to baby murray. It just blows my mind how he thinks to include this baby that he's never met in to all of his activties. He asked today if baby murray was coming to gymnastics, and of course baby murray goes where I go for the time being.

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