Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Meal Planning/Recipes

Ive started meal planning and for us it really works well with our schedule. I give myself $80/week to plan all the meals, I try to plan 6 suppers with 4 lunch left overs and a few fancy breakfasts. Because I just started, doing a whole month seems overwhelming to me, plus being students/fruggle I find I save more knowing exactly what to buy for just one week. Instead of buying bulk and having food go bad in our house.

This is the what I print off and have on the fridge:

I don't know why but I always try new recipes, I rarely repeat the same meal. Not sure why, but I need to start making them over again so I can perfect them and get quicker at them! All the recipes I use are off of the internet, I have a fear of cookbooks. I like the internet because you can read comments on the blog of what people thought of it. Cookbooks you just don't have that reassurance that its gonna be a flop.

Here's some of the recipes I have tried lately:
(you'll notice I love the crock pot and 30min meals)
(wonton wrappers are really cheap, $1.35 at the international store by costco)
(tasted like cake! so yummy)
(this actually tasted really good as left overs the next day)
(the only recipe i've repeated since meal planning, its that good)
(this makes a huge batch!)
(this way really good, a little more time consuming but we thought it was worth it)
(i added garlic croutons at the very end to give more flavor and a little crunch)

My go to meals:

Buffalo chicken:

3 chicken breasts
1 pkg ranch mix
1 bottle franks buffalo wing sauce

Mix and add to crock pot: low 6hrs or high 3hrs.
Shred and eat on toasted buns.
Feeds us 3, 3 meals

Sweet n sour meatballs:

1 box (64ct) of meatballs
1 jar of grape jelly
1 jar of chili sauce

Mix and add to crock pot: low 6hrs or high 3hrs.
Serve on rice.
Feeds us 3, 3 meals.

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