Tuesday, October 9, 2012

my doctor thinks he's funny.

18 week check up today and everything went smoothly!

cravings: salty and spicy
weight gain: 1lb
movement: still flutters and a few strong kicks
gender prediction: girl
heart beat: 148
maternity clothes: yep 3 weeks now!
sickness: occasionally
baby size: sweet potato
mood: happy!
wedding rings on/off: on
starting to show: yep, more then i'd like :)
looking forward to: ultrasound in a week!
names: so far just baby Murray

    When my DR started looking for the heartbeat he picked up one right away and said "oo there's baby's heartbeat, we will keep looking and make sure there's only one." Then he started to look for another "and this is baby #2's heartbeat." SAY WHAT?? Say it again please. After a swarm of thoughts and a mini anxiety attack he finally announces that he's joking and the second heartbeat is mine. He sure thought it was funny, and I give him credit cause he gave me a good scare.

 Everything is going smoothly and hard to believe I'm almost half way done already! We have the ultrasound next week to find out the gender, I am very excited! I really love the second trimester, all the baby movement and I feel so good. I still have headaches like crazy but I'll take that over the nausea!

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