Monday, October 8, 2012

our adventure.

When we were leaving Calgary and getting ready to head home, Dave asked if we wanted to take a detour. Little did we know it was gonna be an adventure. We headed towards Kananaskis country and it was gorgeous! 

 Gotta look cool during a tailgate bum change.
We ended up on a logging road, 79km of gravol road. After 30km we had been on the road for an hour already, and thankfully found a short cut heading towards pincher creek.
 I don't know if this shows high up we had gone into the mountains but we were up high!
We saw tons of cows on the road and Levi loved honking at them. He was pretty excited to see the sheep too!

When we got to pincher creek Dave joked we could just got straight to his parents house in mountain view and stay over the night. We headed over to there place to surprise everyone, and no one was home when we got there. So we waited around and after about an hour Dave's mom came home, and she had only been in the shop next door. We were sad we didn't get to see Rachel and Cub, hopefully we get to see them soon!

It was fun to be spontaneous and it sure made it easy that Levi is good at traveling!

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