Saturday, November 3, 2012

i get to call him grandpa.

  My uncle Kelly shared some of the pictures he had scanned in from my grandparents picture album. Its coming up on their 60th anniversary and their 80th birthdays this next year.

My grandpa is on of my favourite men. Not a single grandchild could say otherwise. He makes each and everyone one of us feel like his favourite. He truly cares so deeply about each one. He teases us, he hugs us and gives us noogies. That's grandpa, and that's how we know we're loved. 
I can remember when we lived in Montana and grandpa hopping on Darren's little dirt bike and riding around the little acreage. I remember him always sneaking our ice cream when we weren't looking. Tricking someone into saving their gum by putting it behind there ear. Always making an effort to ask us how were doing. Grandpa could fix and grow anything.
We didn't always get to be lucky and live so close, but that was always one of the reasons I was grateful to move to Canada is to be closer to my grandparents. I truly feel so blessed to have such a wonderful grandpa and that Levi has gotten to know him too.

I feel so lucky to call you my grandpa.

(picture taken by Darren Roberts Photography)

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