Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Another boy, but an opposite pregnancy

I convinced myself we were having a girl this time. Everything has been completely opposite. We were lucky enough to find out right at our ultrasound that its another BOY! We are so excited for Levi to have a little brother!

I documented Levi's pregnancy so well and I feel like I'm falling behind because this pregnancy has been flying by!

I'm now 22 weeks along and had a check up this morning. The Dr was concerned today because my blood pressure was quiet low, its slowly been going down at each appointment. So now we have a follow up appointment that will determine if another Ultrasound is needed. I have dizzy spells when I'm pregnant and they've been getting worse. The Dr had a hard time finding the heartbeat, which seems to happen at every appointment. So my very calm DR is starting to make me a little anxious with his worried faces. His concern is that I hadn't gained any weight and have this month and it seems to be all fluid, I'm measuring 2 weeks ahead of my scheduled due date. So now he's told me to take it easy and be careful.

And my next update I'll be better at a posting a belly photo.

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