Tuesday, February 5, 2013

pictures, lots of them

I have been so bad lately at taking pictures with my camera, I just use my phone all the time. But at least ive captured the memories right??? These are in now particular order but heres us lately!
 Levi just having a serious conversation on the banana.
 Dave took Levi swimming, he's so much braver with dad!
 We got a tricycle from the library. Levi loved riding it all around the house.
 We surprised Grandma Roberts and went to the library. How cute is this tree?
 Dave took me out on a surprise date! Of course I didn't get a picture of us, but captured the yummy frozen yogurt.
 The crafts Levi and I made one afternoon.
 Levi telling Bowie all about snow.
 Playing out in the snow!
 We got a fish, don't ask how or why.
 This is 2 weeks ago, but were at the home stretch!
 Levi wears this owl hat all the time!
 We surprised Dave one afternoon with a little extra love!
 Playing on the computer at the library.
 Levi stopped napping, whichc really means he crashes at 5:30 when Im not watching.
 His two favroutie toys, always with him!
 Visited the train station!
 The boys will be sharing a room and with all this nesting happening I convinced my momma to come help paint one of the walls. (i didn't have to convince she was so willing!)
 She's got such talent and I'm so grateful for you coming and helping me! Levis pretty excited to have a picture of papa's airplane on the wall.
Popcorn and a movie night!

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