Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Good bye..

Justins stake president said it best "we love ya but don't want to see ya for two years!".

I didn't take a single picture at his farewell - say what?! it was so busy I forgot!! I think Justin's farewell was perfect for him, and couldn't have been any better! First of all the church was packed! Chapel, over flow, gym and the stage were all full. Justin and the other guy ( not sure his name ) gave really good talks. There was a lot of motorbikes at that house for the luncheon afterwards - we joked is this justins farewell or a hells angels gathering? :) ( for those of you who don't know justin had just finished building his own chopper and then sold it to a buddy right before leaving ). After the lunch when the motor-bikers all left they each revved their engine as they took off, it was pretty cool and very loud!  My parents yard was packed with friends, co-workers and family, it just showed how much Justin is loved by so many people!

Justin flew out Tuesday, July 30 at 9:20am from the Lethbridge airport.

We all snapped pictures before the tears started, and I shed a lot. It was so bittersweet, if your allowed to have a favourite sibling Justin's mine - sorry Darren & Lei Lani :). Theres a 4 year gap between me and Justin, and me and Darren. So once Darren moved out it was just me and Justin at home by ourselves for 4 years. We didn't always get along but when we did, we did a lot together. Thankfully my friends adored him just as much as I did so he got to tag along a lot with us.

 Crazy to think Will will be 2.5 yrs old when he returns! Justin's little mini-me.

 "123- blast off!"

 Im sad this picture is dark but here's where we got to see him off.
They sometimes all love each other!

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