Monday, July 22, 2013

three LEVI

My oldest baby boy turned three.

I always call Levi my wild child, but thats because he talks/sings/makes noise all day long and has soo soo much energy. he doesn't stop moving or talking unless he's asleep. but amongst the wildness of it all he's a very sensitive kid. he can always tell when i'm having a bad day, he'll ask if im sad or "fruster-ated" and give me a hug. he lets me know if Wills sad and how i should cheer him up or tell Will not to be sad and will go find him a soother.

His favourites:

food: 'something yummy in my tummy"
color: "yellow'
toy: "my color blue bike"
book: "can  roosters sing in tune"
activity: bike rides, hiking, playing with Will and going to the park

phrases: "thats a good idea"  "whats that about" "i wanna be frust-ated too"  "i love you the mostest"

We sure love you a lot Levi!

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  1. He is a handsome happy boy! How fun that they grow up and how fun to have a brother!!