Thursday, July 18, 2013

four WILL

Wills four months old. Thats just crazy talk (as Levi says).

Thats four months of endless rolls and chubbiness. Giggles and smiles. We had a few firsts this week. First taste of Rice cereal. First medication - Zantac for acid reflux.

Still an awful sleeper and napper but the kid is full of smiles. Loves Loves to be held, maybe a little too much. But how can you not hold that little butterball. He really just melts Dave and I, we still can't believe we have him! We're so blessed to have such a lovable and snugable baby.

 (Will and his great Grandma "camel")

He's rolling from tummy to back. Which im fine with cause he hates being on his tummy so if Levi rolls him over he can now roll himself back. Hes blabbering lots and loves to stick out that tongue! 

 Best deer in the headlight look Ive ever seen!

19lbs - what levi weighed at 12 months!

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