Wednesday, July 17, 2013

We done it again..

We've got another acid reflux baby! I think were now pros at it so why not right? After 3 hours of Will screaming yesterday  and getting no sleep the night before, I finally just asked the Doctor whats going on? So after a length quiz about chubbs we got an answer - acid reflux. Since he's 4 months tomorrow we could start him on the medication right away. And maybe I am speaking too soon?? I think its working already!! Will was wide awake till 10:45 and then slept till 2:25!! and again till 5 and then up for the day at 7am. That's right folks I was only up twice last night!! Im really hoping it just stays this way!

 Way to go bubbs!

When we got back from Edmonton Bowie was a little needy, can you tell? We joke shes had a harder adjustment to Will then Levi has.

Levi has really said some funny things lately. I can see his little mind a going trying to process longer sentences and he knows so any words and sometimes they just get all mixed up but its cute! Were so excited to have the grandparents over for cake and ice cream this week for your birthday!

" Will's not mad mom hes just dramatic" - When Will was crying.
"What you ladies gonna watch, shrek?" - My friend was over and were gonna watch the bachelorette
"Will whats all that crying about? Oh my goodness son!" - When Will was crying
" Moms what yous about?" - Trying to ask what am I doing, but just learned the new word about.

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