Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sleep {or lack of}

I try to be really positive about having a baby because I think its one of the greatest gifts we can ever have. Its absolutely amazing that our bodies can create a child and that we can give birth to them. Wills been a phenomenal baby to the point where I think " oh I could have a baby sooner this time". The only tricky thing with Will is he eats, and he eats very often. If he goes three hours, I am in complete shock! So night times are awful, I dread them every night. I hate going to sleep because I know it means I just wake up the next morning more tired then I was today.  

note: longest stretch of sleep since Wills been born is 3 hours

Put Will to bed at 9pm
up to eat 10:30.
I went to bed at 11:00
Up at 11:30 fussying - burped
up at 12:30 to eat
up at 2 to eat.
up at 3:30 to eat and Levi crawls into our bed
up at 4 fussying and i refused to feed - woke Dave up.
dave takes him to the couch,
up at 5 to eat
and then up at 5:30 for the day.

I figure I got about 3.5 hours of sleep in there. I think I am officially in autopilot mode, and just doing whatever to get by at the point. This is an average night.

So now were gonna try experimenting to hopefully find a solution to help us all get more sleep! Its a good thing your cute chubby bubby! So this week might be one crazy week. Wish us all luck!

 P.S. Wills 4 months old this week and Levi's 3. That's just craziness!

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  1. That wee lad has the best sad face EVER. It's like raw emotion right there. I hope he starts getting better for you! Once we get organized I'm going to steal your children for an afternoon! Also we need a girls night! No kids!