Sunday, September 22, 2013

let the crazy begin..

Here comes a novel -

4 weeks ago we found out Dave was offered a job with Sheriffs with a posting in Calgary. We accepted! We knew it'd be crazy and its gonna be hard. but well worth it! We've been doing lots of renos on the house to have it ready to be listed. There were never any major issues, mostly just some cosmetic renovations. New window, new door, paint, new trim,new deck, new wall and a whole lot of cleaning. Daves been working so hard to have it all finished by Sept.23, this was when he was to report to Edmonton. We were in full swing of it all when it rained all night and all day Wednesday so we had to take a day off. Then Thursday Dave had to be in Calgary for orientation, sign some paperwork, tour of the courthouse. While he was up there his Sergeant had told them they were suppose to get their clothes in Edmonton tomorrow. Say what??? We were told Dave would be getting his uniform in Calgary that day. So Dave had to rush home from Calgary so he could pack and get to edmonton that night. Got home at 6pm and left for Edmonton at 7:45pm. If you know me, you know I like things planned. I don't like my plans to be changed suddenly and without warning. So Thursday afternoon when Dave called me from Calgary to tell me he had to be in Edmonton that night instead of Monday, I was furious. Not at Dave but at whoever in HR screwed up this information. It was a really hard and rough day! We were in the middle of all our renos and thought we had three full days to finish it up. When Dave left I had no front door, we had tore the wall out to replace it and put in a new front door. I had no door that locked. We had a window that wasn't sealed. We had so much painting still to do. And I wasn't mentally prepared for him to come home pack and leave. Needless to say I was a wreck!
    Dave gave me a blessing before he left. He knew this was going to be really hard for me, I get no sleep and I still have to get a house ready, watch the kids with no breaks and sell a house. Thankfully I have wonderful in-laws who came and installed a wall and a door that locks! HOORAY! I feel so much safer now! Murphys law that since Dave has left, Will has been even worse at sleeping. Up every 20-40 mins all night long. Saturday morning was spent at the clinic. Will has pink eye, and a cold and hes teething. He's been a screaming monster for the past three days. Poor kid is a snotty, gooby and drooling mess.
    Thankfully we have facetime and thats been my saving grace! Levi asks all day long if we can drive to daddys sheriff school? If he can go to sheriff school too? If daddy will come tuck him in? etc.. Poor kid is so lost without his "best buddy" (thats what they call each other). We really miss Dave and I keep reminding myself - Short term pain = Long term gain! Hopefully the house sells quickly and we can get to Calgary before Dave starts up there Dec.2! I don't want to be stuck down here while hes working up there. Fingers crossed!
  This is when Dave started taking the wall apart.
So this whole wall was gone when Dave left.

 This is after the new wall was put in with the new door, ignore the mess. I'm just in survival mode with Will these few days. It'll get cleaned up once he's feeling better.
The new deck!
And the new window we put in our hallway.

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