Saturday, September 21, 2013

6 months - WILL

 21 lbs
30" long
2 teeth
sitting up by himself
trying to get up on all fours
loves prunes, sweet potatoes and carrots.
lip smacks all day long 
still smiles and giggles all day long
super ticklish a long his ribcage
eats 6-8 times a night - aka awful sleeper
teething still  
grabbing everything in sight 
still very dramatic - when i walk out of the room its full screaming till i come back. 
like Levi said "wills not mad he's just dramatic"
 Look at those teeth! And that messy pruney smile!

Sorry bud but this pictures just makes me smile!

 It was so bright out when I when I went to take his 6 month pictures but he still looks so cute!

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