Monday, July 7, 2014

Levi's birthday & Tyrrell Museum

Levis really into Dinosaurs lately so for his birthday we told him he could pick a friend and we could go do the museum. He picked his buddy Cade, pretty awesome pick dude. They showed us all the ropes of how to do Drumheller!

 Getting a family picture, HA!  And light was terrible in the museum so I don't have the best pictures but at least we have them!

 Levi thought this was hilarious, gotta agree buddy - good one!
 Oh Cade you handsome kid!
 There was a small green house inside the museum and it had some neat flowers!

 Seriously Robinson family thanks for the fun! We had a blast!

 I made dinosaur cupcakes and we sang to Levi. I think Will enjoyed them immensely.

We had so much fun at the spray park, and wading pool. 

Can't believe Levi's turning 4! We sure love ya kiddo!

After the Museum we headed to a suspension bridge just outside of town, Will had fell asleep in the car so I stayed back - so no pictures. Then we headed to some small hoodoos, Dave and Levi loved them! Levi is such a climber, makes his dad proud!  

After ice cream, we were gonna meet back at Robinsons house for supper and more cake for Jims birthday. Dave took a different route then Robinson's and the race was on... Male egos! Sorry Jim for whooping you guys so bad! 

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