Monday, September 29, 2014

Zions Mall - RS activity.

We managed to pull off a successful Zions Mall activity! Despite both Tobie and I rushing home at the end with the flu. 

We had a food court with donuts, frozen yogurt, popcorn and Zions mall water. We made the donuts and popcorn. 

Caramel and white chocolate popcorn. 

 I forgot to get a whole picture of the frozen yogurt shop. 

We did a "thrift store" that was a home decor swap, this was before everyone dropped stuff off. We filled 5 tables! We were nervous we wouldn't be able to fill 3. It was a big hit!

Our first store was "if the shoe fits". My fabulous sister in law, Laura talked about walking in each other's shoes and not judging each other. She did phenomenal, and I knew she would so that why I picked her!

Our second store was "shine bright" a jewelry store. Sister Dudley spoke about devoloping our talents. That no two diamonds are alike but we're all still jems. She did great!

Our third store/class was a salon. Sister Davidson did an awesome job teaching about hair care. As a stylist I really enjoyed this and everyone said it was awesome information! 

 This was a TON of work but so worth it. We did it on a really tight budget but it turned out so well. It was hard for me to envision how it was gonna go but everyone said it was fantastic! We had about 40 women, which is an amazing turn out for our ward. Huge thanks for all the help Tobie and I had, especially the ginger ale and cracker delivery afterwards! And thank you to all those who helped set up and clean afterwards!

- Some other fun stores idea that we had were a bakery store - learn to make fondant cupcakes. Cell phone store - keeping the line to heavenly father open. Health food store - healthy eating ideas. Clothing store - clothing swap. There's so many fun things you can do. 

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