Tuesday, March 10, 2015

We have a home!

We found a place! We signed the lease last sunday for the acreage. Of course that Monday the landlords to the townhouse we wanted, called asking us to please take the townhouse.
Such a relief to know we've got something but also crazy to move in less then 2 weeks. Its been such a busy week and a half getting things ready and packed. I told dave we aren't moving again for at least 2 years! HA!

Someone broke into our van last week and stole some stuff, it was such a hassle. I had dropped the kids off at friends cause I was headed to my 16 week check up. I noticed the dvds were everywhere, which is unusual. So I texted Dave if he left them like that (and knew he wouldn't), he said no. Thats when I noticed, the post office key was missing, my debit card, phone charger, drivers license and a few other things. My dr is in Langdon so I didn't want to drive without a license, so I cancelled my appt and my (awesome!!) friend watched the kids so I could do all these errands. Since Ive never had to replace all these things (besides a debit card), it was quite the adventure figuring out what I needed to do first and replace first and pay for. Luckily there was no damage to the van or that it was the house. It just ticked me off that I spent a couple of hours running around and at the police station.

So grateful Dave has a job he can bank overtime to days off, he's taking 3 days off the next 2 weeks. Two days to help move, and a day for our ultrasound next week. So glad he can help so much with the move, I can definitely tell my stress levels are high. Doing a birthday party, March 17th party, a move, a gender reveal, Anniversary and Dave is an honorary guard for a hockey game this Sunday all in 10 days has me a little crazy. It'll be nice to have it all done and just settle in, at our new place.

We have so many plans and ideas on what we want to do. Daves now got a garage so i've got a to-do list brewing in my head of all the projects he can do! (sorry dave!) The elders quorum have volunteered to come do some service to help with the yard, yeehaw!   The boys are pretty excited, Levi can't even comprehend being able to just ride his bike wherever. Its all fenced in and just a cattle gate on the road, so the boys have quite a bit of freedom. Will really is just excited to be able to go outside and also kinda has no idea of whats going on but he gets cake soon, ha! We're doing his birthday Saturday after the move since both grandparents will be up.

Here's to a smooth move! I'll post pictures soon.

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  1. So did you find out the gender? Is it an open secret?