Thursday, March 19, 2015

the acreage.

Well I was gonna blog about all the stress of the last 2 weeks but instead here's some fun we had this morning. Now that all my "big stresses" are done I just wanted to relax with the boys today.

My mom got the boys some toys for the new yard, and they couldn't wait to bust them out.

As you can tell its pretty over grown and needs some serious work. The big storm that hit in September broke quite a few branches and even knocked a tree down. So theres tons of branches and saw dust just grounded into the ground. So happy Dave enjoys this kind of thing, so hes got all sorts of plans to fix the yard up.

Here's the sad tree that got destroyed, it use to have a swing on it. So now we'll have to find a new place to hang a swing from.

If you look closely you can see 2 geese back by the lake, I see them there most mornings.

Levi found a bird house and wanted a picture of it.

On the plus side of all that damage it gave us some really great firewood for our fire pit and fireplace!

We got Will window markers for his birthday, so awesome on our wrap around deck. The boys colored for a good 20-30mins. Now lets just hope its easy to wash off cause Will colored on almost ever panel around the deck.

Here's some more things that happened this week. (Pictures off my phone so not as awesome) 

Canadain tire had an 8ft trampoline on clearance so we caved and got it for the boys. 

Dave had friday off so we tested out our fire pit. The boys loved getting wood for Dave from the pile and helping him.  

It was pretty chilly out but the boys didn't care they just kept running around! 

Not the best picture but some deer in the yard this morning. 

It's still crazy to think we have so much house and land! Our boys were totally meant for the outdoors! There's a hill on the side of the house and it makes it hard for Will to run on but he doesn't care. Every time he falls he gets up and wipes his hands and chases after levi. 

We feel really blessed to have found this place and to be making it home. 

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