Wednesday, March 25, 2015

the acreage house - part one.

 The upstairs living room. We pick up a couch for it tonight. Were excited for a real fireplace for Christmas time!

I started to hang pictures for my gallery wall but broke one of them. So gotta get a new one before I can finish the wall. These were our sweet $25 chair finds, they're actually super comfy!

Our view out the balcony doors. I love having a wrap around porch to be able to see the kids anywhere around the yard. Plus the big windows let in sooo much light! 

Check out that stylish pantry, what you cant see is the green plexi glass behind it. The kitchen is full of "character".

We have another balcony door heading off the kitchen, perfect for Barbecuing. 

We're still trying to sort out the kitchen, for a big house the kitchen is very small. I guess not small just not a great use of kitchen space. I'm sure we will rearrange it several times before we feel like we've got it organized the way I want it.

Im hoping to hit up Real deals next week to snag a few more frames for this gallery wall. Its as soon as you come through the front entrance.

Check out that 70's bathroom... marble toilet!

and floor to ceiling tile... 

This is our downstairs living room. This is only half of the living room, were still trying to sort out what to do with the rest of the big space. There's also a kitchen downstairs as well.

A gas fireplace.
I know have two fireplace mantles to decorate for the seasons... I am in trouble! Dave already thinks we have too much seasonal decor..

A perfect place to stash all the kids toys!

 The basement is a full walk out so its sooo bright and I can see the boys playing in the back. 

Were getting mostly settled now but still need to do the garage. So hopefully some things I've been looking for are in there. Im really surprised how fast we all adjusted to being out of town. Ai is loving the space, she's down in the basement by herself. Plus she loves having fires and seeing wildlife. We see deer every few days, and with the snow fall we keep seeing their tracks. 

We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows for our anniversary with the kids. Dave and I both weren't feeling well and didn't want to go anywhere that day. We've just been so busy it was nice to finally have one day at home. 

I spent yesterday putting up frames and decor and the boys wanted a picture too. 

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  1. This looks like a wonderful home to grow your family in! So happy for you!