Thursday, July 23, 2015

Levi's Birthday.

Levi sure had an eventful and uneventful Birthday. Saturday he had been kind of wheezy with a raspy voice. Didn't have a fever or say he was uncomfortable. At 10:30pm he woke up crying and gasping for air, Dave rushed him to the ER. Luckily it was empty and they were seen right away. They got home about 12am, and about 15 mins after they left Will had woken up. So both kids had been up for a couple of hours in the night, and up at 6am. We were all exhausted!

Dave made Levi an Iron Man cake that I felt like saved the day. We had to cancel the family birthday party and I felt so bad. He loved the cake tho! He asked for beef on a bun and corn on the cob for his birthday supper, I think he'd eat corn on the cob for every meal if we let him.

Levi has been asking for a new bike for quite awhile, his other one was getting too small. Dave and I made a deal with him to pay him $1 for each extra chore he did around the house . In about 2 months he saved up $50 from doing chores, pretty impressive! Then his birthday money started to come in the mail and he was so excited, he realized he was so close to being able to buy his bike. We asked him if he wanted us to pay for the rest as a birthday present or keep doing more chores to get his bike. I think the idea of getting his bike sooner was much more fun then more chores. After a few stores he found the one he wanted, its quite a bit bigger then his old bike. Its still taking a little getting used to for him to ride it, but he's sticking with it!

Will and I went and picked levi up a few little presents to open the morning of his birthday. Poor Will, it was so hard to not have it be his Birthday. He so badly wanted his own cake and presents. Levi's really been into drawing and coloring lately, so Will picked him out some crafting stuff. Dave and I got him some things for his new bike and a plane toy.

Later that evening we headed down to the river and threw rocks in and the boys walked across it with Dave. We all had a little bit of cabin fever and just needed to get out. Its where we took our family pictures last year and its so beautiful down there.

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