Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Lucy - three months

Our Lucy is girl is already three months old! I feel like life was slow enough the first month she was born I was able to absorb all the moments and just have that newborn bubble. Now that life is back into schedules and something going on everyday I feel like I'm missing her little milestones. Im not able to absorb her littleness as much. I know its something that happens with each kid that isn't your first, but its still hard emotionally for me. I haven't put her on a schedule yet, and honestly its mostly because I like the hour or two she's awake after the boys go to bed, gives me some one on one with her. Plus she's become the little talkative girl, and will just chat away with me if I set and coo at her. Its my favourite part of the day.

She's getting wiggly and its getting harder to get pictures.

She has the girliest little voice, its so cute! She started laughing this weekend. My momma heart just exploded. If we tickle under her chin she just giggles! Adorable. She is still the most chill baby. She makes me already want more, I don't think I've ever said that till the boys were 18 months old. This month she's starting to sleep better. She usually does a 2 hour stretch, then a 5 hour stretch and then up every 2 hours after that. So Im starting to get a little more sleep at night. She discovered her hands the last week or so. I even pulled over the car the other day cause I thought she was choking but she was just sucking on her hands! She's so close to rolling over, she cranes her head to see everything but just can't get over yet.

She found her fists!

Her thoughts on tummy time. 

 She's starting to chunk up and is now in size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes. I can't believe how little she was when she was born. My friend just had a baby that was 7lbs 12 oz (3 ounces bigger then Lucy) and she just seems so little!! How do we forget so fast how little they were? I also forget that she was born 3 weeks early (or 4.5 weeks earlier then the boys), so she'll be a little more behind in her milestones then where the boys were at. I've been trying to take a picture every sunday of her in the mothers lounge chair and so far I have 8/12 weeks done. But it'll be neat to see how much she grows over the year.

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