Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Oh my goodness these past few months have been crazy! I like being busy but my house is sure being neglected because of it. A few new things have been happening around here:

Levi is now in a Childrens choir with Renae. Its pretty cute and I can't wait to see their Christmas Concert! The kindergarten adjustment is getting so much better for him this week. Poor kid had so much adjustment and new transitions in his life that the first 6 weeks were really rough. I am so glad to have my happy Levi back!

I was asked to be in the Roots of Empathy program. Its a program to help grade 5's learn how babies develop their first year of life and to help with bullying. I go see 2 grade 5 classrooms once a month for an hour and they get to see how much Lucy changes each month. Their will be another baby participating and so they will get to see how even at this little each person is unique and grows at their own place. Im excited and nervous! Im not one for public speaking so this is very out of my norm.

I decided to start a small business! EEK!  I made Lucy some leather soother gifts and & gave some out for baby presents this summer. I got a great response out of it so 3 weeks ago, I signed up for some Christmas Markets and launched an etsy shop. I decided to add some leather bows as well. The response has been so exciting and humbling. I expected a few orders here and there, but  currently have 55 bows to make by tomorrow and already shipped out 40! That was just in 5 days of ordering. Plus I still need to get my stock built up for my markets.

I asked a children's store here if I could sell wholesale to them, and she said yes! I was so nervous to go meet with her and show her my product. I started selling the soother clips first and in a few weeks will bring her some headbands to sell as well. Its been a steep learning curve and a lot out of my comfort zone these past few weeks. A company in calgary that does curated high end gift boxes contacted me for my soother clips on whole sale pricing. I'm hoping to be able to work with them, it'd open so many doors! Its been time consuming to start up but i'm really enjoying it!

Thanksgiving: We shoved as much as we could into that weekend! Sheilas wedding. Visit with the Gardners. Murray thanksgiving. Visiting with Susan & Maren Allred. Grandmas 80th birthday party. Visit with Paige & Ellie. I think we spent about 12 hours in the car that weekend and the kids did great. They are the best little travelers and Lucy loves her car seat so she sleeps almost the whole time!

I've been asked to do our wards Trunk Or Treat party & dance. Oh vay, I'm my mothers child, I don't really like halloween so im not too excited for it. But the kids will love it, and thats why we do it.

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