Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The polar express.

This year we bought tickets for the polar express as part of the kids Christmas presents. It was expensive but after we were done, we knew we'd do it all over again in a heartbeat.

It all felt so magical. It was even snowing as we did it!

All bundled up in their Christmas jammies ready to go!

They get golden polar express tickets just like the movie!

They had a huge train exhibit inside before you got on.

So fun & cold! Lucys in my wrap and my coat zipped up over top!

Wills been obsessed with getting his ticket punched. They didn't know we were doing this but Will would walk around the house saying "tickets please, check your pocket" its off the movie.

Hot Hot Hot oh we got it, hot hot eh we got it! 
Hot Chocolate!

The conductor punched their tickets!

We took the train all the way to the North pole and Santa got on and handed out bells. 

Lucy surprisingly stayed awake almost the whole time, she was amazing. She finally just fell asleep at the end.

The boys got to bring home the bells, tickets and the mugs. They still ask for hot chocolate in their polar express mugs. It really was such a fun evening. We still talk about it and the boys ask a lot to do it again. 

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