Monday, February 8, 2016

Family getaway!

Dave surprised me with tickets to go see Seven Brides for Seven Brothers in Cardston, sadly I saw the transaction on our credit card and found out. So we decided to make a weekend out of it. My parents are doing reno's on there house so we really didn't have anywhere to stay so we decided to splurge and do a hotel. We found a good deal on expedia, and got one with a water slide.

It was just a quick trip but lots of fun! We all went swimming soon as we got there! Mom, Justin, grandma Campbell and Melissa met us there. We swam for about 2 hours and had pizza delivered to our room. 
Lucy just sat with grandma and ended up falling asleep on her lap. Once she woke up, uncle Justin sipped her toes in the hot tub but that was about it. There were some tween aged girls screaming so loud it was making Lucy cry, so I thought it was a good time to head back to our room. 

Sadly I have no pictures of us actually swimming just videos. Mom and I braved the water slide, and oh my goodness it's fast! I had my hands and legs out trying to slow myself down and it still just whips ya down it! Dave would jump in and chuck himself down the slide! Right when we were getting ready to leave Levi decided to try the slide and ended up going a couple of times. We were so proud, he's getting so much braver and trying with new things. 

Dave would go down the slide so fast he would create some waves when he came out and even got grandma wet sitting on the side! 

Apparently pants are optional in your hotel room. Ha!

Justin and Melissa babysat while Dave and I went to the play. A huge thank you to them! It's the first time we've left Lucy and I don't think she made it to easy on them! 
The play was pretty good. It wasn't the best we saw, Dave and I both noticed the main characters voice was a little flat and half a note off most times. But the dancing was good and we enjoyed ourselves. They shot popcorn out in one scene and it was so funny. I was pulling popcorn from out of my shirt on the way home. And there was a lady sitting in front of us who had tons of back combing in her hair and it was full of popcorn. We also ran into a few old friends from ysa, it was good to catch up. We rushed back pretty fast since I knew Lucy wasn't taking a bottle. 

That night was pretty rough. Will was up TONS and it woke up Lucy several times. Levi always sleeps good so he slept through most of it but woke up at 5am for the day. Dave and I were so exhausted. We didn't get to bed till midnight and then up so much. So we took the morning pretty slow. Dave brought breakfast back to our room which was really nice. Let Lucy sleep in and not have to haul the kids down there. 

We had plans of going to Waterton that day but we were so tired and it was SO windy. Ugh we forgot about that awful wind! The kids fell asleep pretty fast on the way home. 

 Plus Dave had to get up at 3:30am for work so we wanted to be home early to get to bed early. 

It's was fun and a perfect little getaway. The boys keep asking to sleep at another hotel with a waterslide already. Sometimes the smallest trips make he best memories. Don't have to spend a fortune and go somewhere far, the kids don't care they thought this was just as fun. Good reminder to Dave and I to do more small trips. 

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