Wednesday, April 6, 2016

8 Months - Lucy

I just had to double check if I already wrote this post, because I swear I just wrote one. Time is going way faster then I can believe and this post is 10 days late.  

I was working at my desk and looked over and saw lucy doing this with her blanket. A ver good representation of her personality these days. She loves peek a boo. 

16 lbs 13 oz (still!)
4th ear infection, on the wait list for tubes in her ears.
pulled up on furniture for the first time this week
still haven't found a food she doesn't like, she's an eater
She started sleeping better but the poor ear infection interrupted that, ouch!

one of my favorite things lately is how bashful she is. I'm thinking she'll be our shy kid. she tucks her head away when someone she doesn't know talks to her. she loves to cuddle and falls asleep easily cuddling with Dave. 

Lucy has started this fake little laugh. Almost like a sympathy laugh at our crazy antics to get her to laugh. And this onesie is a pretty good representation of how we feel about her teething. oh vay!

Oh goose we just love you so.

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