Monday, April 11, 2016


We did Easter on Friday morning this year, so the kids could open up their baskets and see they got a hotel stay too! Of course it was such a busy morning getting out the door that day I didn't get any pictures of them opening their baskets, oops. We did just a really small basket since they'd be getting to go sleep over at a hotel and go swimming. So the boys got stuff for the pool! Lucy got some clothes.  Levi also got some books, I can't believe how well he's reading and how fast he's picking it up!

Leilani hosted Easter this year and it was so fun! The kids had a blast. She did so much for them. Scavenger hunt, easter egg hunt & easter egg decorating. 

We decided to try out a new hotel since it had a bigger waterslide, once we checked in and got to our room it was so far away from everything and only had an outdoor entrance. Plus it was so gross, so after cleaning up as best as we could Lucy's car seat explosion we checked out and headed back to our other hotel we like. Ahh it felt so much better!

Once settled into the new hotel we tried to get the kids to go to sleep. Will didn't crash till 11pm... oh vay! 

After a yummy breakfast the boys were so ready to go swimming! Also Will wore a swimsuit, he just hadn't changed yet.. 

 The water wings and goggle we got the boys were the smartest thing we ever did. They were so independent and happy!

They had so much fun, it makes the lack of sleep worth it. I think it'll have to be a new tradition to just do a small trip for Easter instead of big easter baskets. 

And I found this gem Dave took of Will on our way home... ha! 

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