Sunday, May 1, 2016

Spring time.


It's spring and we've been soaking up every minute we can. It's so beautiful in our yard when everything turns green. It's crazy the transformation from a year ago to now. Dave has put so much work into this place. 

Dave teases me cause I always get so excited when the deer come into our yard. Last night we had like 18 or so. 

We have these trees with giant blossoms on them and it just fills are our yard with so much white. It's beautiful. 

The boys have lived outside pretty much for the last 3 weeks. 

(Such a goof) 

Went for a walk and Lucy fell asleep. Mission accomplished. She's had so many ear infections the last two mo this that its such a battle to put her to sleep and her schedule is way off. Hopefully this last round of antibiotics will work and we can get a routine going again. 

Dave and the boys slept in the tent and lasted till about 2am when the air mattress went flat. Time to buy a new one! The boys still loved it! 

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