Tuesday, October 19, 2010


levi1dayold levi 1 monthold


levi2months levi3minths


Well today levi is now 3 months old, i would consider that no longer a new born here’s why:

- he stands up (with help)

- has started to giggle

- had his first rice cereal last night (1/2 tbl sp)

- has some very powerful kicks

- recognizes mom and dad (yay!!)

- we don’t get up every 2 hours to eat in the night

- he sits in the bumbo all by himself now

- he can hold his head up really well

- still a rolling machine

- sucks on his hands

- discovered his feet

- loves jibber jabbering

these are just a few of the things that he has discovered. all if these things have just happened in the past few weeks. this is my favorite stage right now, i wish this would slow down. he is constantly discovering so much and growing so fast. we love you lots levi!

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