Tuesday, April 5, 2011

smart, sunshine, school & sleep

Levi can now say Papa when we ask him to say it!! I love it! For some reason I call Dave Papa more then dad. Not sure why but its more exciting to say, "Papa's home" or "Here comes Papa". I don't think he realizes what he's saying but its still really cute! Soon as I figure out how to upload a video from Dave's iphone on to here I'll put up the video we have of him talking. He's so smart!

We had a horrible week last week but the sun's shining and there's only 2 weeks of school left so things are looking up! Dave didn't get hired on, they want him to finish school an reapply. We were angry at first thinking, you didn't need to drag this out. You could have told us 2 months ago you want him to finish school and then apply. But then we realized for him to make the top 10 percent and not be done school is a huge accomplishment. We are really hoping that next year he'll get it and that we will be able to understand why it didn't work out this year? Dave will graduate this December just in time to start the crazy application process all over again!

I have a meeting this week with the financial counselor at Reeves College to see if its still a possibility for me to go to school while Dave's in school. It will be tough if it works out to have us both in school for 4 months but I want to go back so BADLY! But I don't want to go back when Levi gets older, I think his age right now is easier to do daycare then when he's older. So again we're hoping that it will work out!!

We started sleep training Levi last week. Its so hard for me to let him cry BUT its getting better. He still gets up 3-4 times a night for a bottle and that just seems C.R.A.Z.Y to me!! So after last week I couldn't take it anymore, I need more sleep then this. Levi is 8 1/2 months old and should be able to sleep through the night without any bottles. I have been cutting an ounce out each night from the bottles that he gets. We are at 2oz bottles at night and I'll do this for a few days and then 1oz for a few days and then he's on his own. Its hard to only give him 2 oz and then have him just cry for an hour wanting more but SHORT TERM PAIN, LONG TERM GAIN. I can do this, thankfully Dave is so supportive and helps me when I want to cave and just make him another bottle. Last night he got up at 11 had his bottle cried a little and then fell asleep and slept till 5am!!! He hasn't done that big of a stretch in 2 months! If we can keep it up I'll feel like a whole new woman! Nap times are getting better now that night time is getting better. I never understood how people keep their houses so clean but now that Levi's naps are slowly getting longer I get it! You just clean like a mad women for those precious 45 mins! 


  1. Training Gideon to sleep was probably the best thing I ever did -- I wish I had done it better with Sarah. Hopefully he learns quick!

  2. Its getting better, I think he's at the perfect age to do so. Its not easy I don't blame any parent who puts it off . .