Sunday, December 11, 2011

another busy weekend . . .

we had the perfect weekend, while almost but pretty darn close!

last day of classes!
my inlaws surprised us by fixing our broke down truck and bringing it home to us.
we got a letter in the mail saying "$xxxx" will be payed off on our student loans! almost half of it!!
dave had his grad party and we got to get all dressed up and celebrate his big accomplishment!
the graduating class!
the wives of the graduating brothers
a group of the boys, can you tell they are a goofy class?
Dave and I at the party
my eyelash extensions! im in love with them!!

-bronx & jagger left, I thought I wouldn't cry but when bronx left i teared up a little. they've been a part of our home for the last 2 months and as much work as they were we got quite attached to them.
-dave got some christmas shopping done
-levi and i took a drive, i couldn't get him to nap otherwise. he was very irritable yesterday and just had a rough all around day.
-we had daves work party that night, pizza and bowling. it was nice to get out and meet some of the coworkers that dave works with.

-Pipa left to her new home this morning.
-We got some christmas baking down!
-momma and papa roberts came in for a visit!

It was a really fun week, and were looking forward to weds when we can officially celebrate Dave being done school!

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