Sunday, December 4, 2011

busy is an understatement. . .

Daves last day of school can not come soon enough! I think were all a little tapped out. Poor Levi misses his daddy and hardly gets much time with me being so busy. We have seriously not stopped for the last 2 weeks and the next 3 weeks are gonna be even crazier we have a ward party, work party, daves grad party :) :), turtle neck party, we already did our party. . . and ive been to 3 home business party's. Plus im doing hair lots and daves working and school. Oh did i mention taking care of 6 puppies and trying to feed, clean, play and advertise/sell them?                                        yikes its been crazy!

 Levi can get up and play the piano by himself. He's almost 17 months old, do you know what the means? NURSERY! yahoo!
 lola feel asleep under the tree, we've started letting them out of their pens for awhile everyday. they go crazy for 20 mins and then they crash, they get so tired.
 maddox trying to squeeze under the couch.
 Pippa under the couch
 Levi wanted to wear his life jacket. he's got so much personality, and he is soo busy! I was at a friends this past week and her house isn't as "toddler proof" as ours and she couldn't believe how he just didn't stop going . . . going  . . . .  going and going!
 bronx our only puppy left, yes you heard that right??!! ONLY 1 LEFT!
 how could i not share this cute face. jagger is kind of our favourite :)

Santa came to our house for my clients christmas party. Of course i forgot to get in on a picture. I'll share more on the party over at my business blog in a few days.
Also in a few days I'll show you my eyelash extensions that I won!

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