Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Good bye fall, welcome winter!

 all ready to go!

 "Mom its nose!" (Levi calls snow, nose )
 What a good man shoveling all that snow!

 Levi digging out our pumpkins from all the snow!
 Dave showing Levi how to jump in the snow!
 He LOVED it!
 Standing in a drift!

 Levi threw the snow in his face, wasn't too impressed!

Love this picture! The runny nose and rosy cheeks show just how fun it was!

Levi played outside for 45mins this morning and I had to bribe with hot chocolate to get him inside. He's already wanting to go back out! We have a good 6" of snow and in some places 2ft drifts. Feeling a little more like Christmas then Halloween.

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