Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I don't know if Levi and I are having conversations yet. But we sure exchange some funny words with each other. He's so funny and witty. Here's some things we've heard lately.

Levi's prayers:

thank you for big muscles ( we bribe him to eat saying it makes his muscles big )
thank you mommy happy
thank you cookie store ( what he calls walmart )
bless papa no puke and drink apple juice ( my dad had the flu and Levi was quite concerned about him not drinking enough apple juice )
thank you Zurg ( off of toy story )
thank you cold water

"bowie my brother?" no, bud she's a girl. she's your sister. "no mom, bowie a kitty cat!"

"daddy go dedi house, dedi go to school. dedi go city bus, daddy go dedi house" - this is a daily occurrence explaining why he can't go to school yet. He's always trying to say daddy stay home and Levi go to school.

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