Sunday, September 1, 2013

Roberts Reunion

This weekend was the Roberts reunion put on by Glen (below) and Sylvie's family they did a fantastic job! I was only able to go for Saturday but we were there from 8 am- 10pm! It was a blast. This year we were at the Magrath Stake Campground (perfect location - flush-able toilets!!). Thank you guys for all your hard work!!

 Glen blowing bubbles for the kids!
 Levi trying to blow some bubbles.
 Renae chasing the bubbles.
 Craft time!
 Hey we's got suckers!
 My mom brought a poster for us all to sign and send to Justin in Texas - we're missing ya!
 Hunter Holst.
 Will and I.
 My mom got soaked! Levi, Benson and Jordan were just splashing her like crazy. What a good grandma!


 Broncent Roberts
 The blow up bouncy house was a huge hit!

 Tired baby and puppy. The dogs chased the kids up and down the hill on the waterslide! (I didn't get any pictures of the waterslides, but have videos... one day I'll learn how to post them)
 Grandma Roberts and Addison Holst.
 Micah Roberts.
Sharon Roberts working hard!
We had a live band that the kids loved so much!
Marylou Layton with the kids dancing!

It was so much fun and I'm so glad we have this tradition!

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