Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ice cream.

This month has been so busy already. I've started babysitting and it makes the days long and busy. I'm babysitting 3 days a week now. Its been an adjustment for Levi, he's already had so many changes in the last year. Now he has to share his mom and toys, its been hard for him. Will just thinks its the greatest to have another buddy to play with. It's nice to bring in some extra income and not have to leave the house or our kids with someone else.

 Will got his first ice cream cone to himself, I didn't think to grab the "real camera" till the very end. He loved it and ate it so well.
 I think ice cream cones would have to be one of Levi's favourite treats, and one of my greatest bribery tools.
Finally caught his "mad face" on camera. This is the look he gives when we say NO.
 But then he's back to smiling, so dramatic Will.
 Will found my kids hair cutting cape, so we put it on him. He loved running with it. We couldn't stop laughing it was so funny!

 Its hard to get a smiling face of Levi these days, such a goofy kid.

 Will signing for more marshmallows. His poor banged up face, the screen door got left open and he went face first down the steps to our patio.
Daves parents have a little tykes car that Levi and Will love! So I found a police car one free and snatched it, you know cause we dont have a yard. Dave indulged me by emptying it out (it was full of rocks, legos and other random objects) and fixing the tires for the boys. Now they have their very own to fight over!

We sold the explorer this weekend, that's a huge relief! We weren't sure if it'd sell easy or take forever, since it didn't pass inspection. We actually sold it for more then we payed for it 4 years ago! Phewf! Now we can play during our holidays, in two weeks!

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