Thursday, June 19, 2014

Whooo's Whoooo?

 We had our first RS activity last night. It was a "get to know you" night, and it was a huge success! We asked all the sisters to bring a bag with 3-5 items that would describe themselves, talents or things they like.

  The owls are obviously the theme for, Whooo's Whooo? I forgot to take a picture once all the food was on the table but you get the idea.
 Tobie made these super cute owl cupcakes, seriously she is the best! She was so much help!

Each sister had a pen and paper to guess each sisters items.

 We had 24 bags of items. Some we were able to guess right away and others we had no idea. It was such a good turn out! It was really fun to try to guess, I was quite proud of myself on how many people I already know.
The night was so fun, and a big success! We had about 35 sisters there! A huge thanks to Tobie for so much help, and understanding my crafting craziness. And a huge thanks to Dave, for the emotional and physically support. He helped me in the evenings make that darn tassel banner, if you've ever thought of making one it takes a long time. Soon as I got home I crashed, the house was a mess and I didn't even bring in all the decorations in the car. I woke up to a very clean house, thank you Dave for waking up at 4 am to clean the house for me!


  1. It was such a fun night! Thanks for all of your hard work and beautiful decorations! Can't wait to do the next one!