Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Daves Surprise Birthday.

This year after the Murray campout I planned a surprise birthday party in Waterton for Dave. I'm surprised he never caught on, three different people said something to him about it. Also most people showed up after we did, not before us. But it still worked out and he was surprised. On Dave's actual birthday is Clays wedding, so I'm glad we got to do a little something for Dave!

  I should have taken a picture of everyone there, we had an awesome turn out! 

Afterwards we ate supper with Mom & Dad, and LL & Max. It was so much fun, it'd been 4 months since we'd seen them last! Benson really wanted a surrey ride, and so we "let" the men take them around!

 And then of course the babies all wanted rides too! It was pretty funny to watch Max pedal with them on his knees. Afterwards we headed out to my parents camp-site in Glen Springs (I think thats what its called). I only have videos of the kids ziplining, and still haven't figured how to upload those. But I did snap pictures of the kids going for motorbike rides. Levi absolutely loved it! And of course Will wants to do everything so we let him sit up there with Grandma!

It was such a quick trip and hardly any sleep but lots of fun! 

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