Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Family Day 2015

We headed to Mountain View for the weekend and had to hit up Uncle Barrys farm. 
The boys and Ai got to ride a horse and a tractor. Ai was in heaven, she loved the horses.

We took her to our favourite place ever, WATERTON!
There was no snow, like zilch! It was crazy to drive up as far as you can before the barrier at Cameron Lake and there was still hardly any snow. 

In town we saw sheep licking off this car, and mean Dave wouldn't roll my window up. This dude just stared at me and if I reached outta the car I could've pet it.
Check out the size of this dudes rack! He was a beast.

Dave and Ai freaking me out how close they are to the edge. But look how beautiful it is tho.

Doug took Ai up flying! She was so excited, she thinks alberta is so beautiful.

Levi playing in the plane Doug and Susan are building.
We got to meet up with my family and go bowling.. or as Will thought it was Bouncy balls... He sure threw them like they were bouncy balls, ha!

The boys enjoyed it! I biffed it hard on the floor and hurt my ego... and felt it for a few days. My knee is still sore.

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