Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Limbo land...

What a few weeks...

Dave and I were looking at buying a house and were excited at the prospect of owning another house and being done renting (!!!) After searching and looking and meeting with our realtor the bank called and said we actually can't pull the equity out of our house in Lethbridge. Since its sold as a rent to own, we can't pull it out. What a bummer... after recovering from that..(we can't wait till that house is done, its been such a stress)

We started the hunt to rent, I have to have a yard this summer. The boys are so active we need a place they can run wild. We found a great townhouse with a yard and the lady who showed it to was the secretary at Levi's last preschool. So we were excited and said we'll take it, since they needed it filled March.15th. We gave our notice for our place, we love our landlords and wanted to give plenty of notice. They said they we're sad, we are leaving but totally get it. Since prices keep going up here, they decided to bump up the rent.

We filled out the application for the rental and waited to hear back. Once we heard back it was so frustrating. The husband does the business side of the rentals, the wife does the showings and she was so nice. He seemed so paranoid and not trusting. Long story short, we didn't feel comfortable with them anymore. Luckily we hadn't given them the damage deposit yet... phewf! But now we had given our notice and the rent was going up here and we have no place to go...  So were on the search of finding a place and fast.

Its been stressful not knowing what were doing now. Also I've been getting sick again, I'm 16 weeks and don't know whats going on. But I'm waking up at night getting sick and the mornings have been bad... maybe I have stress induced morning sickness. who knows? Plus my calling at church is giving me grey hair, and we have an activity 4 days after the move.. to where we don't know ha! So were living in limbo land and praying one of the places we see this will work out. We looked at an acreage 4 miles out of town last night, that I think the boys would just love. Deer, cows and a giant yard! But the house was so old.. cool house tho but old. So we'll see, fingers crossed tonights place works out!

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