Thursday, October 1, 2015

Lucy - two months

Heres some unedited pictures of our favourite little girl.

11lbs & 12oz
started cooing and smiling at 8 weeks
did a 5 hour stretch of sleep
does 3 hour stretches on average
happiest baby
blow out queen
now likes baths, yay!
found her hands
still doesn't take a bottle


I kind of always get sad writing these posts. I remember with Levi I just couldn't wait till the next milestone. I've since learned to not rush it, just enjoy each phase. So each time I sit down to write a new post about Lucy it means we've hit another milestone. I don't even get upset getting up in the night lots with her, I know it won't be forever. Getting up with Will 3x a night, I'm not so patient. Little stinker.

She is still just so happy all the time. Last week she started cooing and smiling. It just melts all of us when she smiles, we all get so excited for her. I don't know how but I just love her more everyday. She is such a blessing to our family. 

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